Hi! Welcome to our section just for children. If you're bored and looking for something do, we might be able to help. We've got some things like crafts, acitivities, stories and even a  little film. There are even a couple of prayers to help you think about God and how He can help you right now. 


Colouring and Crafts


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Meet the Puppets


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Crafts & Activities

Colour and make a bowl of fruit


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Tangram - A puzzle to print and cut out



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A poster for your bedroom wall


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Colour and make a bowl of spiritual fruit



  1. Click on the smiley face to download the picture . When the picture opens, print it out.  😊 
  2. Write your name in the space on the bowl.
  3. Colour in the pictures of fruit and the bowl.
  4. Cut out all the fruit and the bowl.
  5. Arrange the fruit on a piece of paper (don’t glue them yet) with the bowl on top to look like a bowl of fruit. Scroll down the page and you'll see one we finished, to see what we mean.
  6. When you are happy with how they look, stick them in place.


 When we decide to follow Jesus, he will fill us with his Holy Spirit who will help us to be more like him by developing the kind of qualities God loves in people.

Things like being loving and patient, the Bible calls ‘the fruit of the Spirit’, because they can grow in us like fruit grows plants.

The Bible mentions nine spiritual fruit, or qualities, which are especially important to God. They are labelled beside each fruit in the picture.

Maybe you'd like to say this prayer?

Jesus, thank you that with the help of your Holy Spirit, I can become more like you. Help me to learn to be like a bowl of the best spiritual fruit, being kind and loving to everyone I meet today.


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Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle and game.

Click on the picture on the right and then print it out.

Stick the picture onto some thin card.

Cut out all the blacks shapes.

Shuffle them around and then try to make the square again (without looking at this page!)

You can also make lots of other shapes with the tangram.

You can read a story made by using the tangram in our Stories section and then see if you can make the pictures yourself.

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A Poster for Your Bedroom Wall


Print and colour this poster.

Click on the picture on the left and then print out the picture.

Pin it up somewhere where you will see it every day so that it will remind you that jesus is with you.


After Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Day, he appeared to his friends and followers to let them know that he was alive. He said that from now on he would always be with them. When we choose to follow Jesus, he makes the same promise to us.

How amazing is that!

All you have to do is decide to follow Jesus and the Son of God promises to care of you personally.

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Igor wants to give Jesus a present for Christmas.

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Prayers For You


When you go to bed


As I lie down to sleep tonight,

Keep me safe until morning light.

Bless my family, let them know,

How very much you love them so.

Thank you that in the day I've had,

You were there in both good and bad.

So, as I close my eyes to rest,

I praise you Jesus, you're the best.


At the beginning of the day

Lord Jesus,

Days are such busy things, filled with so many things.

Things I have to think about and do.

Things that are easy.

Things that are hard.

Some things are going to be fun but some things might not!

Thank you, Jesus, that in all things you promise to be right there with me.


When you are worried

Lord Jesus,

Thank you that you know me so well.

 You understand how I feel, and right now I feel worried.

Help me now to let go of the things I am worried about and to hold onto you.

Help me to know that you are always with me .

Thank you that I can always turn to you.


When family or friends needs help

Lord Jesus,

You were so good at helping people when it seemed like nothing else could help them.

Right now   (say the person's name here)   really needs the kind of help only you can give.

Please, let them know you love them and that you are with them.

May you be the answer to their problem.


Meet The Proclaimers - our puppetts


Our puppets are on holiday at the moment.

As soon as they are back we will ask them to tell you a bit more about themselves right here.

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Feel free to download these and use them for yourself or in your church. So long as you don't sell them, we don't mind.

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