Welcome to our Chapel of Reflection. This is a little space on the internet where you can come when you need to take time out for a few moments to reconnect with God. You'll find prayers here to help you with your quiet time as well brief prayers to help you in your devotion to God.

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Prayers to start your day


Prayers to end your day


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Prayers to help you begin your day

Greeting The Trinity 

The Father rises with you to greet the day.

Father of all that I am, I praise you.

The Son of God rises with you to greet the day. 

Jesus, saviour, brother and friend, I praise you.

The Holy Spirit rises with you to greet the day. 

Holy Spirit, comforter, companion and source of my strength, I praise you.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, may your presence with me this day be the source to which I return and a compass to be my guide.



Lord of all time, I offer a brief moment of my time to thank you that you are with me in every moment of my life – even when I'm too busy to think!

Father, with me here and now, holding me in this and every moment, thank you that there is not one single moment of the day ahead that I can't offer to you in return.

Being Thankful

Thank you Lord.

Thank you for your constancy.

Thank you for your grace and mercy. 

Thank you for your work in my life:

Father, holding and recreating me;

Son, alongside and with me;

Holy Spirit, within and empowering me.

Thank you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen

Lord of All

Lord of all, be with those who need you in this moment.


Lord of all, be with those I care for in all their moments this day.


Lord of all, comfort all who occupy my thoughts today with the certainty that they are held in your love, now and always.


A prayer of St Columba

Lord, kindle within my heart the flame of love which never ceases.



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Prayers to help you end your day

Greeting the Trinity

I rest with the Father of Creation

Glory to you, my Father, for the sweet dew and warm sun.

I rest with the Living Word

Glory to you Jesus, for the touch of healing and loves embrace.

I rest with the Lord of Compassion

Glory to you, Holy Spirit, for the heart’s fire and soul’s rest.

Commiting the soul to God's care.

So I rest me now, in hands that created stars.

I rest me now, in the infinite beyond all my knowing.

I rest me now, in the Prince of peace,

And in the still, quiet depths of God, open my life to renewal, 

to awakening and to loves greatest purpose.

Letting Go

Lord, I gather together the day that has passed.

All that has unsettled me;

All that has challenged me;

All that has made me smile;

All that has been, I  lay in your hands - the hands that hold creation.

I let go all the things I'd like to change and cling instead to your unchangeable faithfulness. 

God in my night, in dark places and light, hold in your hand my soul and my life.

Night Blessing

God in my night, may rest refresh me and your Spirit renew me.

God in my night, may morning's light bring the dawn of your grace.

God in my night, may I awaken to the gifts of your love, your strength to sustain me and the brilliance of your presence to guide me.



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Prayers from a devoted heart

Lord, be in my day.

Be the still presence in my thoughts between other thoughts. 

Lord, be in my day.

Be the joy in my work when work is a list of tasks waiting to be done.

Lord, be in my day.

Be the peace I need when ‘time-out’ doesn’t seem possible.

Lord, be in my day.

Be the strength I seek to face the day’s challenges.

Lord, be in my day.

Be in the laughter and tears, be in the frustrations and triumphs, be in the conversations and silence. 

God of grace, God of peace and God of love,

I praise you for the life I have in you through Jesus, who shares all that you are with me.

May all that you are transform all that I am so that, becoming more like you, I may share all God is with a world in need of his grace.

An adapted Celtic prayer

Lord surround and enfold me.

Be in my speaking & thinking; my sleeping & waking, my watching and hoping.

Lord surround and enfold me.

Be in my life, my lips, my soul & my heart.

Lord surround and enfold me.

Be all my need, all my rest, all my food, my all-in-all for all eternity.


God with me always,

teach me how to live as though you are with me always.

God with me always,

help me to meet you in those I meet today, to see in them what you see.

God with me always,

may others see something of you in all that I say and do, that they may know that you are with them always.

Today Lord, in all my comings and goings, remind me that I go with you.
I go in your name, loving God, with the certainty of your unreserved love.
I go with the assurance of your hand keeping me and your love in my veins.
I go in your name, knowing you are my protector and aid.
I go because you go with me.

Lord, how priceless is your love!

And yet through the costliest act you accept my worthless wrongs in exchange for all the wealth of your grace. 

Prodigal God! Thank you that you treasure my soul more than you hate my sin.

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Short prayers in times of need

For troubled times

Lord, above the darkest cloud your love shine brighter than the sun. When shadows fall over my life, remind me that I live in your presence. 

For challenges to faith

Lord of the Storm,

when I stand trembling, seeking courage to step out of the boat, help me to see you and all the possibilities instead of the storm of challenges that make me think I will sink. 

Hold my hand, for I need your strong support.

Lord of the waves, wind and sea, speak now words of calm and let me hear your voice saying, "Peace, be still." 

For hope

Lord, when the weight of life bears me down and it is difficult to see the way ahead, may the breeze of your Spirit give wings to my soul.

Lift my eyes to see that beyond the horizon of my current circumstance is wider country of joy and hope to be found in you.

For a purer life

Burning Sun, brilliant Morning Star, may all the glory of God shine on me, in and through me. Burn away all that does not reflect your love.

Jesus, Light of the World, dissolve every last shadow of mine which obscures your face. 


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For forgiveness

Lord, forgive me.

Though my eyes look away from you, I love you. Though my actions deny you, I love you.

Lord, forgive me. Though my words betray you, I love you. Though my thoughts wander from you, I love you.

Lord, strengthen my weakness so that all I do, say and think reflects the deep love I hold in my heart for you.

For strength

Lord, you are all to me, my hope when the days are dark and brightness seems far away; my strength when I feel powerless to climb the mountain before me; my rest when weariness is deeper than tired muscles and aching bones.

Lord, my all, I give my all to you that in all things I may know more of all that are to me, and receive the strength I need to go on.


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A Quiet Reflection

As the deer longs for water, so my soul longs for you, my loving God.

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Hope, Help and Encouragement

Lets the words of the Bible in this video remind and reassure you of God presence with you now.

You can  download the images from the video below and use them as a free background wallpaper.

Right-click on the link and choose the save file option.

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God says, “I love you forever. No take-backs!”

God likes the word “forever”.

Words He likes to use with forever are “love” and “forgiveness”.

Another word God likes to use A LOT with “love” and “forgiveness” is “YOU”.


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