Offstage is Offington’s own drama resource. We are a band of people who don’t mind wearing a red nose for Jesus and believe that drama is one of the most powerful weapons the church has. If a picture paints a thousand words.....images and illustrations are part of our modern culture and we must embrace it. 


As well as performing live, we also produce videos and short films.

Our "Tim & Mike Talk About..." videos have featured regularly in our worship. You can find out about them below or watch them on our church's Youtube channel.

Puppets also make an appearance in our services - find out more on the Puppets page.

Keep an eye on this page as we plan to add more Christian sketches and scripts for you to download.

Drama in Church - surely a gimmick?

It's not a gimmick and it's not new either – drama is God’s preferred method of teaching - he used dramatic events (parting the Red Sea) and enacted stories through Ezekiel. Abraham and Isaac is the original illustration of John 3:16! Jesus used drama through his miracles of raising Lazarus, healing the blind, turning water into wine etc.

Isn’t drama too worldly for worship?

No! Good drama can be moving and powerful. It gives people something to think about and engages our minds and our souls. Effective drama competes with the fast-paced images and instant messages that are a part of life today. They can also provide a great link to a message. Today’s generation wants illustrated messages, images for focusing on prayer and drama too – not only robed choirs and ‘talking heads’.

So will any form of drama work?

No! Bad drama is unforgivable – you can’t just throw it together because, well, people will forgive and anyway it ‘honours Jesus’. That’s like driving to church at 90mph because it’s ‘for Him’. Bad drama leaves the listeners focusing on the quality not the message – and you can’t minister to those who aren’t listening. You must also align your drama to the worship theme or the message could fail.

What makes a good drama sketch?

Drama for worship should be (in this order, in our opinion) funny or poignant, short, based on a well-known or well-loved story and (importantly) exploit an unusual angle. Think about what might have happened if the insurance company had called to discuss Lazarus’ death claim, or the lions that Daniel faced were vegetarian!!

Isn’t it difficult portraying Jesus in a comic sketch?

It can be. Many Christian sketches (or skits) prefer to avoid having Jesus as a character and focus the sketch (and the humour) on the reactions of the people who have witnessed Jesus at work. This approach allows us to consider our own reactions and to challenge our current thinking. Also, many people have their own image of Jesus and do not like this to be disturbed by the image of the actor playing the part. But it doesn’t mean you won’t ever be challenged directly by a sketch where Jesus is the central player!

Is there a risk you will alter people’s perception or love of well-known stories?

Yes - that's the whole point! We have had people leave a service as they did not like the way the sketch referred to the crucifixion. But the real message of that sketch was later and was missed because hearts and minds were closed. Hopefully our drama enhances their understanding by showing the story in a different way. When the story is well –known you can focus on the message because nothing has to be explained. 

Why is the ‘unusual angle’ necessary?

The ‘angle’ allows the humour to occur, but it also gives the opportunity to embed the story into everyday situations (just as Jesus did), or to see a familiar story from an unfamiliar perspective.

But you’re still making fun of the Gospel?

Absolutely not! Humour is a great leveller and it can dissipate embarrassment. It can, though, take us to a place where we are open and receptive to the message – not to mention its ability to hang around in the memory.

Why is drama so important to Offstage?

Wherever drama is performed, it always attracts a crowd, it always sparks interest or discussion and it always has a lasting effect. Anything that attracts attention and enables us to focus that attention on Jesus is OK in our book!

Mike and Tim are two guys who like to talk about matters of faith. 

The trouble is, Tim is a few books short of a full Bible, if you know what we mean.

Click on an image below to watch the sketch on Youtube.

Mike & Tim talk about faith

Mike & Tim talk about Good Friday

Mike & Tim talk about faith


 Taking a leap of faith can prove tricky, as Tim finds out. 

Mike & Tim talk about Lent

Mike & Tim talk about Good Friday

Mike & Tim talk about faith


Exactly how do you describe Lent to someone who just dosen't have a clue? Mike tries his best...

Mike & Tim talk about Good Friday

Mike & Tim talk about Good Friday

Mike & Tim talk about Good Friday


 What is Good Friday all about? Mike tries to explain it to Tim. 

Mike & Tim talk about harvest

Mike & Tim talk about forgiveness

Mike & Tim talk about Good Friday


What is harvest in the church all about, and can Tim get his head round it? 

Mike & Tim talk about forgiveness

Mike & Tim talk about forgiveness

Mike & Tim talk about forgiveness


Is Mike up to the task of explaining to Tim what forgiveness really means?

Mike & Tim talk about gifts

Mike & Tim talk about forgiveness

Mike & Tim talk about forgiveness


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