What is Holy Communion?

Sometimes called 'The Eucharist', 'The Sacrament' or 'The Lord's Supper', Holy Communion is the special service where Christian believers take a small piece of bread or a communion wafer and a sip of wine. We do this in response to Jesus' command to his discples. The night before he was killed, he shared bread and wine with them, and asked them to do it remembrance of his sacrifice for them.

Why bread and wine?

The bread signifies the body of Jesus and the wine, his blood. Together they remind us that through Jesus' death on the cross, and then his resurrection, God offers to all the possibility of forgiveness and new life with him.

Do you have to be a church member to take communion?

No. Like many Methodist Churches, we practice what is called an 'open table'. So long as you are prepared to take the bread and wine, accepting what they signify, you are welcome to share communion with us.

What if I am allergic to gluten?

You can still share communion with us, just let us know beforehand and we'll make sure you receive gluten-free bread.

Is your communion wine alcoholic?

No. Traditionally, Methodist churches do not serve alcohol, so a non-alcoholic wine, red-fruit juice or a specially-made non-alcoholic communion wine is used.

When do you hold your communion services?

Once a month on a Sunday we have Communion services at 8:00am, 10:30am and 6:00pm. We also hold a monthly midweek communion service on a Wednesday. You can find out when the next communion service is in the diary inside our free, downloadable church magazine, Spotlight, which you can view here.